Reclaim Your Hydration

With one Salties dropper you can hydrate up to 100 drinks.

Premium ingredients

Painstaking effort goes in to the science of our flavors. We spend a considerable amount of time sourcing the best ingredients possible to get the desired result reflected in the taste of Salties. The delicious taste of Salties is no accident, our clean and properly sourced ingredients deliver an amazing taste experience.

superior hydration

Using our best ingredients, we synthesize a superior source of hydration that wont let you down. Our hydration method is superior to all other products, the results will definitely show.

amazing TASTE

“Salties? are you telling me that my drinks will taste like Salt?” 

No, they won’t! Salties drops are the perfect ratio of three essential electrolytes. Despite being salt concentrate, Salties doesn’t change the flavor of your drinks, and that’s amazing.

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